Friday, May 8, 2009

Day One On the ICW

Day One.
So our day started at the harsh hour of 6:30 am at the Harborage Marina in Stuart FLA. Dad and I unplugged from the dock, and in the process we dropped the TV cable overboard. Who knew they didn't float? So, we untied lines and headed over to the fuel dock. $2,000 and 600 gallons later we were on our way!! We left the marina with perfect weather conditions that held up throughout the day. Within the first two minutes of enjoying the splendors of the ICW Dad had me driving, and turning around to get a feel for the massive Krogen, Happy Feet. I, of course, was a natural. From then Dad and I took turns at the helm and planned out our days on the water. We were visited on and off all day by some dolphins. Of which I have many pictures because you can never have enough! At about 6 pm we pulled out of the channel and anchored just north of Melborne in a place called Dragon's Point which is a terrible name for such a place, there were no dragons! Anyway, we dropped anchor and went swimming and made dinner and went to bed.
Day one: 75 miles, Stuart to Melborne FLA.
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