Sunday, May 10, 2009

Day 4 Down!

Day 4: 
100 miles (off shore) 
St. Augustine to Doboy, GA! 

Hello All! 

Today was again, smooth sailing. I went outside of the water way and went about 12 miles off shore all day. Relatively uneventful but we did see 2 sharks, and skate, 2 turtles (!), and a really cool spotted dolphin! We jumped in the water for 5 minutes and kept on trucking.  

Later in the day we saw some super tankers. Both of them were at anchor and we really close to the one! Then we came in through a sound and anchored up the Doboy River. Dad and I just enjoyed some tasty turkey burgers and we are just relaxing. Tomorrow we head straight up the water way to avoid some weather and head towards Beaufort. 

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