Saturday, May 9, 2009

Day 3 on the Intra Costal Water Way!

Day 3:
New Symrna Beach to St. Augustine 
55 miles (off shore) 

Good evening loyal readers!! 
Dad and I just got back on the boat from dinner. We launched "Mumble" (the dingy)
 and went to shore for a tour and dinner. 

Today was an early day and we shot the Ponce de Leon Inlet and headed off shore at about 6:30 am. All of the fishermen passed us and gave us a heck of a wake and didn't think twice about it, thanks guys. Anyway, it was literally smooth sailing today. It was the calmest I've ever seen the ocean. We didn't see a single boat from the inlet until a few miles from the Augustine inlet. 

Once we anchored, about 80 feet south of the Bridge of Lions right up against the fort (see attached pictures). We settled in and made sure
 we weren't going to hit the bridge and
 surrounding boats. We launched "Mumble" and took a tour of the harbor and we saw a pirate ship!! As well as an awesome sail boat tied up in the harbor... it was a beautiful older schooner type thing (again see attached picture).  We also took a trolley ride around town that wasn't that great but it was a little informational.  Then we came back to the mother ship, had some appetizers and a drink and a shower and then went back to shore for dinner at a very cool local place called OC Whites. 
Tomorrow we are heading off shore again and haven't quite decided where we are going to anchor...Port Royal at the absolute most.  As always I will keep you posted.  

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